Cultural Adventure in Blitar: Immersion into the Art at Kampung Kendang Sentul

If you’re searching for a travel destination that offers more than just beautiful scenery or leisure activities, Kampung Kendang Sentul in Blitar promises a cultural adventure that will leave a lasting impression. This unique destination introduces visitors to the art of kendang making, an instrument deeply rooted in Indonesian cultural heritage.

An Introduction to Kampung Kendang Sentul

Hidden in the heart of Blitar, Kampung Kendang Sentul is an oasis for those eager to delve into Indonesia’s cultural richness. Here, the art of kendang making is not only preserved as a generational tradition but also celebrated as a form of artistic expression and national pride.

Diving into Educational Tour Activities

Cultural Exploration: The visit to Kampung Kendang Sentul begins with an educational tour guiding visitors through the village, showcasing the detailed process of kendang making, from wood selection to the final process that produces the kendang’s distinctive sound.

Handicraft Workshop: An interactive experience through workshops gives visitors the chance to sharpen their skills by attempting to make a mini kendang or decorating a kendang with traditional motifs. This session not only increases appreciation for handicrafts but also strengthens visitors’ connection to local traditions.

Traditional Music Lessons: No visit is complete without diving into the music that makes the kendang so special. Visitors can learn the basics of playing the kendang from talented local musicians, exploring rhythms and melodies that have been an essential part of various ceremonies and celebrations in Indonesia.

Why Is Kampung Kendang Sentul So Special?

Kampung Kendang Sentul offers more than just a trip; it is a gateway to a deeper understanding of Indonesian cultural values and aesthetics. Each activity is designed to enhance the immersive experience, providing valuable lessons on the importance of preserving cultural heritage and encouraging creative expression.


Kampung Kendang Sentul in Blitar is not merely a tourist destination; it’s an educational journey celebrating the richness and diversity of Indonesian culture. For those seeking a travel experience that touches both mind and soul, Kampung Kendang Sentul offers an invaluable cultural adventure. Prepare yourself to be taken into a world where art, tradition, and community meet to create a beautiful harmony.

This article aims to attract more visitors to Kampung Kendang Sentul, not just as tourists but as active participants in the preservation and appreciation of Indonesian culture. A visit to this place not only provides enjoyment and knowledge but also the opportunity to become part of a larger cultural story.